Posted by Adaptable Leadership - Building Leaders for Changing Times on 8/21/2008

"People don't leave companies.... they leave managers."
Leadership Effectiveness matters when it comes to an employee's intent to stay with the company. The chart to the left depicts results from a study with a high-tech communications company focused on the relationship between leadership effectiveness and intention to stay with or leave a company in the coming year. This study was published in The Extraordinary Leader by Zenger and Folkman.
There is a dramatic effect on leadership effectiveness and intent to stay. This same study showed that the turnover for the leaders followed the same pattern. Not only is it more likely that bad leaders will lose more employees but if this is true universally then bad leaders have employees that are much less engaged and more distracted. You can imagine that productivity and success at their jobs is down substantially too.
What if you were able to move more of your leaders in the bottom 20% up? The impact on the company's bottom-line would be astounding. Distracted and disengaged employees will produce poor results all day long. Improve your employee effectiveness by improving your leadership effectiveness. Great leaders matter.... Really!


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