Posted by Adaptable Leadership - Building Leaders for Changing Times on 8/10/2008

Our work with the special operations of the US Army have brought us some incredible stories. We've heard about how most of the terrorist captures have happened and the type of intelligence it took to bring them down. Through all of this it has become clear that the most important factor for success in these missions is... people.

People make the difference on the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan. They are the ones that adapt to rapidly changing environments so that success in the mission is realized. The tools (weapons) they use are only as good as the people that decide how, when and where to use them.

Leadership in corporate America is no different. There are a tremendous amount of tools available to you to lead successfully. Whether they are budgets, competitive intelligence, alliance partnerships or a superior manufacturing process they are all just tools. The people you have that decide how, when and where to use them count a whole lot more.

In today's competitive environments organizations must make sure that they have the right people prepared to lead. It's not just enough to select the best leader, you must continue to develop them so that you stay ahead of your competition. Make sure you invest in your people, they count more.