Posted by Adaptable Leadership - Building Leaders for Changing Times on 9/26/2008

Warren Bennis, leadership guru and professor at University of Southern California, wrote in his book Leading for a Lifetime:

"People with ample adaptive capacity may struggle in the crucibles they encounter, but they don't become stuck in or defined by them. They learn important lessons, including new skills that allow them to move on to new levels of achievement and new levels of learning. This ongoing process of challenge, adaptation, and learning prepares the individual for the next crucible, where the process is repeated."
Great leaders are not swallowed by the challenges of life and work. They see each difficult situation as a problem to solve and to learn from.  The lessons learned through dealing with these challenges refine the leaders and make them more prepared to tackle tasks in the future.  Adaptable leaders are always learning.  They never feel that they have already arrived.