Posted by Adaptable Leadership - Building Leaders for Changing Times on 9/23/2008

The baby boomer generation is starting to retire and businesses today find themselves in a leadership crisis. Experienced business leaders are starting to retire in droves while companies are staring at a very weak bench strength.

Development Decisions International (DDI) recently published their Global Leadership Forecast for 2008/2009. In it they write, "this lack of supply of leaders is exacerbated by greater job complexity, global competition, and rising expectations for leadership." Not only is there a major void in leadership, the leaders of the future are going to have a much bigger challenge being effective in their jobs. DDI continues to report that, "55% of leaders said that their firm's performance was likely or very likely to suffer in the near future from insufficient leadership talent."

Corporate Training departments have to partner with executives to create leaders prepared for the unknown challenges of tomorrow. Leadership training must become a core focus for future organizational success to be realized.  Standing on the sidelines watching this crisis unfold is not an option.